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Additionally, this hack aims to make the gameplay experience of Super Metroid as closely as possible to that to Metroid Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion in both controls and physics. From those two, almost all of the changes have been carried over from their respective base projects:. Newest Hacks. Charge Shot Sound Fade Out. Mega Man X3 Relocalization Addendum. Shining Force. Mega Man 2. Mega Man. Mario's Picross. Mystical Ninja Decompressor Plus.

Supervision in-1 menu ROM disassembly. Jackal ROM dissection. Streets of Rage 2 - Revising the Title Screen. Loved it! An Absolute Masterpiece. Fixes a game breaking bug with the sound. Double Symbol. Rex Run for Game Boy.

Nova the Squirrel. Featured Hack Images.

metroid gba games

ROM Hacking Discussion. News Submissions. Personal Projects. Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas. Person who put it together here, movement delay seems to have not been fixed, despite that not being how I remembered it but in testing it indeed does not change anything related to that, so it has been removed from the description.

Tweets by romhackingnet. Hack of Super Metroid. The original base hacks for this project were: Control Freak Project Base - 7. Moonwalk has been deleted, and the setting is now used to toggle Auto Run. Holding it will make Samus aim at a certain angle, and aim higher or lower if you tap up or down.

Select Item is still used to select missiles, super missiles or the grapple beam. Beams can still be used at any time, even when missiles and super missiles are selected. Item cancel has also been removed, as it now activates the x-ray scope. Aim Down has become Brandish, which, when held, will toggle between Beams and the item currently selected.

This is somewhat… abusable.An enhanced remake of 's Metroid for the Gameboy Advance. Visuals were upgraded to reflect Metroid Fusion, along with Samus' moves which now include hand-over-hand ledge crawling and sprinting. Players can also automatically save their progress to battery backup. There are also new cut-scenes, new boss characters, and new areas.

Game Boy Advance

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Only registered members can share their thoughts. So come on! Join the community today totally free - or sign in with your social account on the right and join in the conversation. You are the AI on board a spaceship that is being held to ransom A new army of Reploids known as the Repliforce is accused of crashing the Sky Lagoon. Now they are classified as Mavericks and are on the run. X and Zero Take on a legion of Space Pirates and a new Metroid force as you forge into the covert underworld of Planet Zebes!

It's up to you and Samus to recapture Get ready for a new adventure of intergalactic proportions starring Mario and Yoshi! A universe filled with gravity-defying galaxies, a huge cast of colorful Survalways is a platform game with mechanics similar to the Megaman X series, where you control a soldier who must stop the invasion of aliens of theRom hacks are modifications of original games created by fans.

If you like playing classic Metroid games, you might want to check this list out! If you have any questions or have useful information add, please leave a comment below!

metroid gba games

This is the unofficial prequel to the original Metroid game. The hack features an all-new map, new enemies, bosses, items and more. You can really tell the developers are big fans of the series. Seriously everything about this game looks better than the original. Metroid Mother definitely pushes the NES hardware to its limits.

Metroid Fusion

There are many minor but noticeable changes to the graphics, the physics engine, and much more. The biggest change though is to the level design. It features a new level design and only one map to play on. Finding secrets is extra fun in Eris. Graphics and nothing else was changed but the level design was executed so well that I had to list it.

Super Metroid Redesign is a complete overhaul to the original Super Metroid game. The most noticeable changes are to the physics. I really like the feel of Redesign.

The game plays so smoothly, I love the running and jumping mechanics. They also added new abilities and items to the game. This is a must play for any Super Metroid fan! There has also been minor changes to items and enemies. This hack is well done, but pretty hard so I would only recomend to hardcore Super Metroid fans. Super Metroid Phazon takes place in pure darkness. All levels are very dark and have that creepy outer space type of atmosphere. All levels, enemies, unlockables and level warps are brand new.

Most levels have decent designs, but this game is difficult. This is Super Metroid but the unofficial darker hyped up version known as Hyper Metroid. This game features an all new storyline, new areas to explore, a custmizble weapons system and more action packed gameplay. This is actually one of my personal favorite rom hacks on this list! This combination creates arguably the best Super Metroid rom hack ever made. The gameplay has been revamped, tweaked and feels even better than Super Metroid in my opinion.

Page Contents:. Facebook Comments. Tagged Metroid Games rom hacks. Chris D. Level Smack founder. I am a long time webmaster. I have been playing video games all my life since the NES days. I am a video games fanatic and a self-proclaimed video games historian. We are seeking writers for LevelSmack.Super Mario Bros. Super Mario World. Yoshi's Island.

Super Monkey Ball Jr.

The best GBA games of all time

All this week, we're counting the best of the portable best. The Game Boy Advance has gone from has-been, to fond memory, to desirable old-school console. The DS predecessor was essentially a Super Nintendo you could cram in your pocket, and its library of games is one of the strongest in portable gaming.

With so many incredible games, narrowing down the list to the top 25 was a harrowing task, but these are the games that stood out and stand up against the test of time. Even if you might not agree with each game's specific placement within the top 25, we'll bet you'll be hard pressed to deny these titles' inclusion within the best games for the Game Boy Advance.

The series began in the arcades and on the GameCube as a Marble Madness-inspired action game with tons of unlockable features and modes, and for the Game Boy Advance version the UK development studio Realism managed to squeak out every ounce of potential in the GBA's hardware to offer that same fun and frantic experience. The GBA version might not stand the test of time when compared to the rising power of other handhelds, but when it was released Super Monkey Ball Jr.

Though the development studio couldn't survive very long after Super Monkey Ball Jr. See Super Monkey Ball Jr. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, learn more. In This Article.

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Rated "E". Release Date February 1, IGN Logo Recommends. Mar 27, - It has a few notable design differences, including a screen that is wider than it is tall, as well as the screen being located between the buttons and not above them.

In earlyNintendo introduced a new Game Boy Advance model AGSwith an internal front-light that can be turned on or off, a rechargeable lithium ion battery, as well as a folding case approximately half the original size.

metroid gba games

It was designed to address some common complaints with the original Game Boy Advance which was criticized for being somewhat uncomfortable, especially due to an overly dark screen. The switch that controls the light now toggles between "normal" which itself is already brighter than the original Game Boy Advance SP's screenand "bright," an intense brightness level similar to an LCD television set. This model, dubbed the Game Boy Microis similar in style to the original Game Boy Advance's horizontal orientation, but is much smaller and sleeker.

The Game Boy Micro also allows the user an ability to switch between several colored faceplates to allow customization, a feature which Nintendo advertised heavily around the Game Boy Micro's launch. Nintendo also hoped that this "fashion" feature will help target audiences outside of typical video game players, much like its new Wii. The Game Boy Micro did not make much of an impact in the video game market, as it was overshadowed by Nintendo's other portable, the Nintendo DS.

The e-Reader is a peripheral device for the Game Boy Advance. It contains an LED scanner that can scan e-Reader cards, paper cards with encoded data printed on them.

Super Metroid (SNES) - Full Game (100% run with best ending)

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is written from the Real Life point of view. Contents [ show ]. Nintendo Co. Retrieved on Categories :.

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Cancel Save. Home Consoles. Game Boy. Nintendo DS.This is the series that transitioned from 2D to first-person without a hitch, but then followed that up with a pinball game. Ad — content continues below. Instead of playing as Samus, players take on the role of a random soldier. And now the wait for Metroid Prime 4 on the Nintendo Switch begins. With only a few exceptions, Samus Aran has spent most of the series concealed by her body armor, and Metroid as a whole has always had a strong focus on mystery and exploration.

Nintendo intentionally deviated from this formula for Other Mand attempted to give Samus a more fleshed-out backstory. She even spent an extended amount of time out of her iconic suit.

Some hardcore fans appreciated the unique approach. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Much like Federation ForceMetroid Prime Pinball feels more like a game demo with a Metroid skin than a full-fledged proper entry in the series. The game has its moments, but trying to shoehorn the console experience onto a handheld created some awkward controls and other difficulties.

The game made heavy use of the DS touchscreen, but with no analog sticks, movement was sometimes a struggle. Still, the title was graphically impressive for a handheld at the time and maintained most of the atmosphere that Metroid games are known for. The second game in the franchise was also the first released on a handheld, the original Game Boy. The game is just as good-looking and fun to play as the other two in the series, but Echoes loses points due to certain sections that felt a bit like padding.

The game drew rave reviews at the time of release for its colorful graphics, which brought the ambiance of Zebes to life for a new generation. While the original game was a worthy sophomore outing for Samus, as she travels to the Metroid home planet of SR to destroy the rest of the titular alien life forms. This is nostalgia at its finest. But for fans of the 2D version of MetroidMetroid Fusion has a lot to love.

The story, in particular, is especially intriguing. Connecting a copy of Fusion to a copy of Metroid Prime unlocks new features in both games. This game, along with Castlevaniaalso created an entire subgenre of action-adventure games. Since their introduction inMetroidvania games have been a staple of the gaming world. Its non-linear gameplay, combined with a pretty stout degree of difficulty, makes this game one of the great classics from the 8-bit era.

Lots and lots of backtracking. The introduction of motion controls was a perfect fit that further immersed the player in the world. In fact, the motion controls were such a hit that Nintendo saw fit to re-release the first two GameCube games on the Wii in the form of Metroid Prime Trilogy.

When Metroid Prime was first announced, long-time fans of the franchise were taken aback. Metroid had always been a 2D side-scroller. The move to a first-person shooter seemed to betray everything that fans loved about the series. Fortunately, all of those fears evaporated as soon as fans actually played the game. The game faithfully maintains the exploration and weapon-upgrading that the series is known for.

It could even be argued that the FPS angle made the game feel even more atmospheric and immersive. Jason Gallagher is a freelance contributor. Jason M. Gallagher JasonMGallagher.Many favorite franchises returned, though Pokemon and a sub-series featuring Mario and Donkey Kong held leading titles. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap tops our list for a number of reasons: Endless charm, brilliant overworld and dungeon design, smart puzzles and even smarter puzzle mechanics. After Vaati petrified Princess Zelda, Link rescued a magic sentient hat with a bird head that, when worn, lets him shrink down to a microscopic size just like the Minish, the tiny creatures that have worked tirelessly to help remove darkness from the world.

It opened up new places and offered new perspectives, illuminating just how majestic the world of Hyrule truly is. The Minish Cap had all of the prominent features of a successful Zelda game, from excellent dungeons to whimsical townspeople to the sheer delight provided when opening a treasure chest.

Look, before you get mad that we placed Minish Cap above A Link to the Pastwe wanted to prioritize the new experience. Plus, Minish Cap has Tingle!

And boy, did Camelot ever succeed. Golden Sun starred Isaac and three other adventurers in their quest to save the world of Weyard. It had all the trappings of a Final Fantasy game — a save-the-world storyline, random turn-based battles, and summons — but it also had a decent variety of overworld puzzles and much deeper story thanks to a wealth of dialogue and exposition.

If you missed out on Golden Sunfind a way to play it, such as through the Wii U. The third and final GBA Castlevania game, Aria of Sorrow showed that it was still possible for the series to reach the level of greatness shown in Symphony of the Night. Unlike its predecessors, Aria of Sorrow took the vampiric series to the future, placing users in the shoes of Soma Cruz, a teen with occult power who could bring about the reincarnation of Dracula.

Aria of Sorrow has the non-linear exploration of SotNmeaningful RPG mechanics, a bunch of cool weapons, and a series of daunting but amazing boss battles. Throw in the Tactical Souls mechanic, which tweaks gameplay and stats by defeating enemies, and Aria of Sorrow was the richest entry in the series to date.

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It still stands today as one of the best Castlevania games, and for a taste of a similar style game, try Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night on Switch. Fusion practically felt like an unrelated sequel when it launched in Fusion featured a similarly lengthy open-world to explore, letting players scour and uncover secrets and ways forward at their own pace. The port also introduced a new feature, however, called Four Swords.

This cooperative mode lets two to four players team up to solve puzzles and defeat baddies in dungeons. Although the main campaign is what ultimately earns A Link to the Past a high spot on this list, the addition of Four Swords made the GBA version the definitive way to play one of the greatest games of all time, even compared to the Nintendo Switch Online version available through a subscription.

Featuring tough strategic gameplay, a deep campaign, and a map creator, Advance Wars had everything a strategy fan could want. For a similar experience, check out Wargroove on Nintendo Switch.

Metroid - Zero Mission

What do you get when you combine the atmosphere and nostalgia of the original Metroid with modern mechanics? Well, a darn fine game. Beautiful to look at and even better to play, Zero Mission made returning to Planet Zebes feel completely fresh again. The result?

An experience unlike any other on the handheld. Microgames required players to complete rapid-fire tasks in seconds. None of the games were particularly complex, but all of them entertained.